It all started with a textile industry partnership between the Coisne and Lambert families that goes back to 1867. To expand into other businesses, fourth-generation family members created Colam Entreprendre. In 1969, Henri Coisne engineered the shift into electrical products wholesaling that would give rise to Sonepar, today a global leader in the business.

Colam Entreprendre is a privately-held family company with three strategic priorities:

  • Continuous expansion of Sonepar to ensure the sustainability of the Group
  • Inclusive Group leadership to ensure the informed involvement of the shareholding families
  • Investing activity managed by the Colam Invest team to develop new businesses
Respect and Trust

Respect and trust are the foundations of any productive, long-term relationship. Colam Invest aims to work with management teams and shareholders who share those values

Passion and Initiative

At Colam Invest, we are convinced that operational excellence and performance require passion and initiative. We encourage those qualities at the companies in which we invest

Patience and long-term support

At Colam Invest, we know that it takes time to build a successful company. We give companies the long-term support they need to be able to grow and create value

Committed Partneship

We want Colam Invest to act in partnership with management teams, participating in strategic decision-making, getting involved in external growth transactions and taking advantage of the family network