How do we invest

  • Make a long-term financial commitment to support a company’s development strategy
  • Invest up to €100 million in equity and debt, but with only limited leverage
  • Invest alone or together with a financial partner (investment fund or family office)

What companies do we invest in

  • A provider of business services
  • The current leader in its market, with a defensive position and substantial recurring revenue
  • A solid management team capable of achieving significant business growth
  • EBIT of €5 million + with sustainable margins and low customer concentration
  • An international footprint or the potential to expand abroad with our support
  • Fragmented competition with a potential for market consolidation and build-up opportunities

How do we use our funds

  • To provide liquidity to the shareholding families and founders
  • To finance build-up operations
  • To provide growth- or expansion-stage capital
  • To support management-led buyouts

  • We provide greater credibility and invest in accordance with our family values—patience, trust and respect
  • We are the ideal partners for a family business or management team with experience-based understanding of how to create and develop a company
  • Our permanent capital resources facilitate alignment with management’s interests and rapid decision-making
  • We offer a vast network of strategic and international business relations along with financial backing Our low-leverage approach enables a company to focus on sales growth, business development and maintaining a robust balance sheet